Huge Cottonwood

Posted by Randy - November 30th, 2010

Huge Cottonwood

Huge Cottonwood in East Wenatchee

One of the largest Cottonwood trees in the area stands anonymously along the East Wenatchee side of the Apple Capital Recreation Loop Trail, several hundred yards south of 15th Ave NE. This impressive tree is 9 feet in diameter and close to 100 feet in height, and sports massive arching limbs that create a canopy nearly 80 feet in diameter. Several breaks are seen high in the canopy, where large limbs have failed in the past, testifying to the relatively weak wood produced by this species.

Many of the NW’s largest trees are not found in parks or arboreta, but grow relatively unknown in backyards, woodlots and streambeds. Do you know of a large tree in Central WA? Send us a message- Kile Tree Service loves to visit and document the giants of our region.

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  1. Diane McKenzie

    Do you know if and when the Cottonwood was listed as a tree champion? Like your site, Thanks.

  2. Randy

    We’ve just checked the 1996 edition of ‘Washington Champion Trees’, and this tree is not listed there… there are much larger Cottonwood specimens to be found in the Western part of the state. This is the largest one we’ve personally seen in Central WA- let us know if you’ve seen a larger one in this area.

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