Hazard Tree

Posted by Randy - December 1st, 2010

Hazard Tree

Tree compromised by fungal decay

Is this tree in danger of falling over? Absolutely. It doesn’t always take an Arborist to know that a tree is hazardous. However it is not always so obvious, and Tree Risk Assessment remains a tricky business, even for experienced Arborists. Weaknesses in a tree are often hidden out of view, deep in the trunk or buried underground with the roots, and may be virtually undetectable. The technology that is available for deep sensing within a tree is still expensive enough to remain out of reach for most Arborists. Visual Assessment is the tool most commonly used for detecting tree weaknesses, but is not a fool-proof method.  Much depends on the judgement of the individual performing the assessment, and sometimes the results may be  inconclusive, but with proper experience and training, an Arborist can identify most hazardous trees and recommend a course of action to prevent injury or property damage.

If in doubt about one of your trees, don’t hesitate to call a Certified Arborist. Kile Tree Service, with training and certification in Tree Risk Assessment, can help you make informed decisions about your tree.

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