Bad Pruning

Posted by Randy - December 1st, 2010

Bad Pruning

Poorly pruned Honey Locusts

It seems you never have to look far to see examples of sub-standard pruning work, such as was done to these unfortunate Honey Locusts in Wenatchee. Not only has all of the new growth been chopped from the trees’ canopies, the work has been done with rough pruning cuts (note the irregular stubs and stripped-off bark on many of the cuts). This type of pruning is very stressful to a tree, causing root dieback, excess re-growth of new epicormic sprouts, and lowers the tree’s resistance to diseases and pests. Topping also reduces the tree’s appraised value, often leads to early tree death, and is very unsightly to boot. It is also unnecessary- these trees would be fine if allowed to grow into their normally large and beautiful shade tree forms. Please, please, stop hacking and topping your trees.

Kile Tree Service is dedicated to the principles of a high-quality modern pruning ethic that values and enhances the natural structure and beauty of trees. For more info on why topping and hacking is bad, visit Plant Amnesty’s web site.

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