White Poplar

Posted by Randy - January 30th, 2011

White Poplar

Non-native White Poplars

The White Poplar (Populus alba), also known as Silver Poplar, is an introduced tree native to Europe and Asia. This species has been colonizing its way across the US and Canada since Colonial times, and is found growing in clumps and stands in cleared areas, river beds, and along roadways. Often mistaken for an Aspen because of its striking white bark, the White Poplar has a distinctive ‘maple-like’ leaf with a fuzzy silver underside. It is a generally short-lived and weak-wooded tree, which will often break apart dramatically in stormy weather, and is susceptible to a wide variety of pests and diseases. Despite it’s faults and arguable status as a ‘non-native invasive weed’, the White Poplar, with its silvery leaves shimmering in the breeze, is still an attractive tree. We’ll take it over a Russian Olive any day ;)

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