Ancient Lakes

Posted by Randy - March 30th, 2011

Ancient Lake

Hiking in the Ancient Lakes area.

A beautiful spring hiking destination is the Ancient Lakes trail, on WDFW land west of Quincy. This gently graded trail leads up a quiet basalt canyon, past lovely pocket lakes and misty waterfalls. The area was sculpted by massive ice-age floods that occurred over 13,000 years ago. Dry falls, sheer canyons, glacial erratics, and ripple patterns remain from that cataclysmic time, giving the area a genuine ‘ice-age’ feeling. Vegetation is primarily the sage and perennials typically found in the shrub steppe, with occasional cottonwoods, white poplars, and willows growing in wetland areas. Tiny white and yellow wildflowers carpet the ground, and bright green and gold lichens cling to boulders along the trail. A sublime walk that is well worth the visit (or many visits).

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