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Posted by Randy - June 2nd, 2011

Bad Pruning 2

More poorly pruned Honey Locusts

Bad Pruning part 2: Here are more Honey Locusts that have been poorly pruned, this time in a park-and-ride lot. The trees have been brutally reduced with large heading cuts, and every live sprout has been stripped from each tree. It’s a mystery why Honey Locusts bear the brunt of such a harsh ‘pruning’ style in our region. Most likely folks are worried that the trees will get too large, but these trees are strong-wooded, and are only doing what they’re supposed to do. Honey Locusts are medium-large shade trees, which can grow to 50′ in height and spread. If a big shade tree is not what you want in a given space, then don’t plant one there, and instead use a tree species that will not get so large. If you plant a big shade tree, then have the courage to allow that tree to grow to its proper, natural, beautiful, large shade tree form. It is not healthy or practical to use topping and hacking to prevent the growth of large trees, and if your tree people are pruning your trees like this, you should call an Arborist for another opinion.

These trees were obviously planted at significant expense, according to someone’s well thought-out plan, and are quickly being ruined by poor management practices. Please folks, lighten up on the poor Honey Locusts (and other trees), and let them grow naturally. The trees will be healthier, stronger, more attractive, will live longer, and you’ll save money too.

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