Scotland Trip

Posted by Randy - July 12th, 2011

Balmoral Castle

Balmoral Castle

We’ve recently spent several great weeks in Scotland, on a wandering tour from London to the Lakes District, then up to the Cairngorms, and out to the Isle of Skye, and back via Oban and Edinburgh.

We did some wonderful countryside hikes, climbed a mountain (Lochnagar), visited a bunch of castles, and saw big beautiful trees everywhere.

Scottish Highlands- Glen Affric

Old Scots Pines at Glen Affric

Touring several distilleries, we learned more about the unique contribution that American White Oak trees make to the production of the finest Scotch whisky.

One can’t walk through one of Scotland’s lovely Caledonian forests without admiring the awesome 400 year-old Scots Pines growing there.

Red Grouse

Red Grouse, Lochnagar Estate

Wildlife was abundant throughout our trip. We spotted many Red Deer, but also Ringed Pheasant, Red Grouse, Red Squirrel, and Oyster-Catchers.

Large tree plantations are common there, where Scots Pine, Sitka Spruce, and other species are mass grown for timber, and these are occasionally harvested using unsightly clear-cutting methods.  However, all over Scotland we saw active large-scale conservation efforts ongoing to preserve and restore native forest land, after centuries of clear-cutting and over-grazing; a heartening sign of forward-thinking management.

Scotland is an amazing country steeped in history and mystery. A highly recommended trip!

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  1. James Bowen

    My wife and I went there in 2004 and the whole UK was a fantastic experience. Can’t wait to go back and visit again, Scottland was by far our favorite area!

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